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Win $10000

All Perfect Money Games are 100% Fair. If you continually win any game. we can pay you up to $10000. This money is yours.

Liberty Reserve games:

PM Head Tail Game
PM Fruit Slots Game
PM Dice Roller Game

perfect money game


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Replace "Uxxxxxx" with your LR account number. is 100% fair games website. You have 50:50 chance to win! first of all you need to decide that why you want to play game.

1. I want to enjoy game

If you want to only enjoy every game of than you have no worry about win or lose. These games are good sores of entertainment and time pass with your friends.


2. I want to Win $50 to $100 daily

If you want to make $50 to $100 profit money. than you need to play seriously Follow this example and start to make money:
1st bet $1 (lose) profit = -1
2nd bet $2 (win) profit = +1
3rd bet $3 (lose) profit = -2
4th bet $5 (win) profit = +3
5th bet $10 (win) profit = +13
6th bet $20 (lose) profit = -7
7th bet $30 (lose) profit = -37
8th bet $50 (win) profit = +13
9th bet $100 (lose) profit = -113
10th bet $200 (win) profit = +187
Play At least 10 game to make daily income. You can bet upto $500 every time and can give you upto $10000 .